“We aim for long-term, fundamental improvements in your health that will lead to natural weight loss.”


Managing weight is a major concern for many people. Being overweight can contribute to several significant health risks, including heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Eastern medicine takes a holistic and individual view towards weight management. There are many factors that can contribute to weight problems — a hormonal imbalance, digestion problems, emotional overeating, slow metabolism, a sedentary lifestyle, or cravings for sugars and fats.

Everyone struggling with their weight has a different combination of these underlying problems, so a diet or exercise regimen that worked wonders for one person may not work at all for another. Our approach is to create a customized treatment plan that combines acupuncture, herbs, and lifestyle recommendations to address the totality of your specific condition. No two treatment plans are identical.

Eastern medicine does not offer any quick fixes. Instead, we aim for long-term, fundamental improvements in your health that will lead to natural weight loss.

Weight Management Case Study

Mary was a 43 year-old woman who came to us after ten years of struggling with obesity, intermittent depression, and insomnia. She judged herself to be about forty pounds overweight, and often ate even when she wasn’t hungry. She had her depression treated with medication, but she wanted to have more energy, to lose weight, and to be able to sleep.

We diagnosed her with a disorder of the digestive system, or “Pi dampness”, as well as “Gan Qi stagnation” resulting from stress and anxiety. Her digestion problems, exacerbated by stress, were causing both her insomnia and weight gain.

Using acupuncture and herbal supplements, we helped to rebalance her digestive functions and to restore the proper circulation of her “Gan Qi”. She lost weight, felt an increase in her energy levels, and was again able to get a good night’s sleep.

Medical Research on Weight Management

A 2003 study published in The Journal of Medical Acupuncture found that participants receiving acupuncture lost more than three times more weight than the control group.

In a separate study conducted by the University of Adelaide in Australia in 1998, 95 percent of the participants receiving electro-stimulation on acupuncture points reported appetite suppression. The results showed that the acupuncture group was more likely to experience a reduced appetite and to lose weight than the control group.

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