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I have worked with a variety of acupuncturists and Ms. Wang is exceptional. I have immediate relief from foot pain, a prescribed treatment to deal with several other challenges, and appreciate her warmth and professionalism in working with me to get healthy. – N.H.

I came to Nabacu a few months ago with several issues: migraine headaches, severely high blood sugar values, weight control issues, no energy, and sleep disturbances. Within the first four treatments my migraines had disappeared and my blood sugar values started to improve immediately. Through using herbs and acupuncture, my blood sugars drastically improved and I’ve been able to come off of insulin. My sleep quality has improved, and I am sleeping through the night without waking up as often. I have much more energy, and my weight is under better control. I love knowing that I am taking an active role in my own health care by using natural means to control and manage my diabetes and weight. -S.R.O.

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